The Household Irrigation Water Storage Project is one of the projects being implemented by the National Irrigation Authority as part of the plan to accelerate the irrigation expansion in Kenya in line with the Big 4 Agenda on Food and Nutrition Security.


  • Increase localized access to water for communities to support their livelihoods by harvesting surface run-off to a cumulative volume of 125,000,000 m3 by 2023.
  • Ensure food security by supporting provision of water for agriculture and livestock at the local level and contributing towards the same at national level.
  • Create employment and income generation at the local and national levels.
  • Contributing to sustainable supply of raw materials for agro-based industries.
  • Contribution to foreign exchange generation through export of surplus food and cash crop

Project Status as of 24th August 2021

Project Phase Counties Volume achieved Potential acreage No. of Households benefiting
1 12 3.6 3600 2,478
2 17 3.7 3700 2,574
3 15 4.1 4100 3,019
4 24 6.9 6900 5,121
5 (on-going) 21 11.053 9211 8,287

247 existing communal water pans/small dams have been rehabilitated bringing a potential 15,000 acres under irrigation and benefiting about 15,000 households.