Background Information

The Ahero Irrigation Scheme is located In the Kano plains between Nandi Escarpment and Nyabondo Plateau. The scheme was started as a pilot project to explore the feasibility of irrigation in the Kano Plains.Construction of the scheme started in 1966 and operations started in 1969.

Statistical Data

  • Location/County – Kisumu County, Muhoroni Sub-county
  • Year of establishment – 1966
  • Gazetted Area – 4,176 Acres
  • Main Crop – Rice of varieties are 90% Sindano (IR-2793 & ITA 310), 5% aromatic. (Basmat-370) and 5% hybrid (Arize Tej Gold & Arize 6444 Gold)
  • Area under Irrigation – 2,586.5 Acres
  • Source of irrigation water – River Nyando
  • No. of household farmers – 570 farm holders, 2000 farmers and 20,000 dependents
  • Type of irrigation – Basin Irrigation
  • Other Crops – Soybeans (seed) – contracted by SeedCo ltd-Kitale. Soybeans (commercial) – contracted by Josiche Co. ltd- Nakuru. Watermelon, Maize, Tomatoes, Sorghum and Cowpeas.

Current Status

Main Crop
The scheme is implementing crop 63 in the season. 1,535 acres have been opened for cropping; 294acres at booting stage, 277 acres at vegetative stage, 132 acres at transplanting stage, 288 acres are being rotated, and 544 acres are being flooded.

Other crops
Soybeans, tomatoes, watermelon, maize, cowpeas & sorghum – mature and harvesting.

Projected Benefits/ Benefits being realized

  • Food security,
  • Employment creation,
  • Wealth creation thereby improving living standards (e.g. Health, Education, Shelter, and general economic growth of the population)
  • Supply of fresh produce (watermelon and tomatoes) to town centres.